Sunday, 22 December 2013

Away From Singapore ...

On Sunday, we woke up super early at 330 am, because we had to reach the airport at 5 am, to catch the flight out to Houston at 7 am.  And this is because Daddy had to relocate to Houston for work, and Mummy and I followed along (that explained why we had to stay in the service apartment the last few days)

Although it was super early, I sprang out of bed immediately, brushed my teeth and prepared for the trip to the airport.  Terminal 3 was nicely decorated and I insisted on taking some photos before I leave Singapore.

Checked in our luggage (6 pieces altogther), before we proceeded to the airport lounge for our breakfast.

Took a shot at the OSIM massage chair to relax before I board the plane. Haha.  Chair was too big for me, but who cares.

And once on board the plane, I immediately glued myself to the TV screen and started watching cartoons !!!

We had to transit at Narita Airport.  But the plane was delayed by 2 hours before we can connect our flight to Houston. So by the time we reached Houston airport, there were also many other arriving flights, and we spent another 2 hours at the customs (USA cut down the resources at the customs so the queue was super long).  Total of 4 hours delay !!!  Fortunately, the driver who came to pick us up waited for us at the airport.

A new experience for me in Houston in the years to come .... so look out for my adventures in my new blog as I attend international school over there, and have fun along the way


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Orchard Road Stroll

On Sat evening, we decided to take a slow stroll along Orchard Road just before Christmas Day to soak in the festive season. 

Took many photos posing with mascots.

And my favorite was with Plants and Zombie characters. 

Family Gathering 2

On Sat, 爷爷, 奶奶, 姑姑, 叔叔 and Hazel 姐姐 dropped by our service apartment to have lunch together. Since it was 冬至,we prepared 汤圆 as well.

叔叔 received complimentary fruit cake from his vendor so we used that as my birthday cake later on

Daddy bought food from the nearby Vietnamese restaurant 

And just before lunch, I brought them down to the hotel to take a look at the surroundings. 

And after lunch, we sang the birthday song and celebrated my birthday early

And after enjoying the delicious cake, we played monopoly !!! And I emerged as the ultimate winner !!!!

Was a fun family gathering !!!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Relaxing Day ... Finally

Daddy had a relaxing morning ... finally. Do not have to go to work, and could go for breakfast with me at the service apartment !!! Hooray !!!

The breakfast place was converted from a penthouse, and was very cosy and nice.

And after the breakfast, he tried out the massage on the OSIM chair while I watched my cartoon in the lounge !!!

Looking forward to some fun later in the day ....

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Family Gathering 1

We had a small family gathering at the service apartment .... and at the same time, celebrated my birthday early as well.  We had pizza delivery for dinner

Cake from Breadtalk ...

Singing the birthday song in English and Chinese

And then cake cutting and eating !!! Breadtalk cake is really yummy

And Mummy bought a Hello Kitty cake as well for 表妹 and me.

And after all the eating, it was fun time for me and 表妹 on the bed.

Going to miss 表妹 soon. Haha

Meet up with Neighbours

Finally Auntie Lily and Uncle Micheal's house has been fully renovated after 5+ months !!! They had some problems with the contractor (the contractor took on too many projects so had some delays in the renovation progress).  But it was worth the wait, because the house looked really cosy and beautiful after the renovation

Especially, the little yard at the back of the kitchen where they converted to a nice cosy Japanese-style corner.  See Daddy and Uncle Micheal having their little chat there, with natural breeze coming in.

And Auntie Lily prepared Taiwanese food for us ... with a little bit of liquor to go along with the food. Daddy tried one sip, and switched to green tea after that ... had to give face to Uncle Micheal ... haha

And for me, I kept wanting to play with Happy, the cute cat.  Used to play with Happy when we were neighbours many years ago.  And Happy was also comfortable with me after a while.

Nice to still keep in close contact with my neighbours after so many years, especially in these days where people are always so busy with their own things.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Special Stay ...

We moved to a service apartment to stay for a few days ....and Daddy chose the Orchard Scott Residences near Newton MRT.  Pretty convenient since it is just 3 mins walk to the MRT, and just one stop to Orchard or Novena shopping areas.

Pretty decent size for a 2 bedroom suite .... comes with a fully equipped kitchen (even rice cooker) !!!

I got so excited the first night that I kept tossing on my queen size bed .... until Mummy had to 'pin me down' ... haha

Going to explore the place for the next few days.