Monday, 31 December 2012

6th Birthday Celebration - Opening Birthday Presents

After all the several days of birthday celebration and fun, it was time for me to open all my birthday presents and all the well wishes from my friends and family members. 

And tada !!! Enough to last me for many years of great fun
And I have to show this Christmas card (although not birthday present) from Zander Lim and his Mummy ... haha.  Daddy and Mummy are so proud of me

And of course all the angbaos that I have received .... will bank them in my savings account.

A BIG Thank You to all for celebrating my 6th birthday ... a special year where I am going to start my next phase of education .... in 2 days time !!!!

6th Birthday Celebration - Little Big Club (Part 2)

We had lunch at the nearby open air cafe, facing the harbour with all the yatches docked at the harbour.

After lunch, we went to explore the Little Big Club. Different from Hello Kitty Town, the Club focuses on little adventure rides and indoor playgrounds .... more to my liking. Haha

Learning ballet from Angelina

Barney was my young time favourite character

Then photos with Pingu

Bob The Builder playground


Initially I was afraid to take this ride, but Daddy convinced me to give it a try.  And in the end, I told Daddy that I will go up alone ... haha.   
Went for all the rides ... and the best one that I loved was Bumper Car !!!

There was this super big indoor playground (like Safra Kidzamaze) inside.  And Daddy was worried that I will get lost and get stuck somewhere, so he tried to follow me ... but I was too quick for him, and  Daddy was lost trying to locate me inside.  In the end, I had to look for Daddy instead, and lead him to where Mummy was resting. Haha.  I am so used to navigating indoor playgrounds so this is chicken feet to me.

We spent till 430 pm until Daddy and Mummy had to 'drag' me out of The Little Big Club.  Since it was raining, and Daddy and Mummy were worried about jam at the checkpoint, so we drove back to Singapore instead of having early dinner at JB.

Went for dinner at Jurong Point, before we headed back home.  Took a power nap of 15 mins on the way back ....

6th Birthday Celebration - Hello Kitty Town (Part 1)

On my actual birthday, Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me to Hello Kitty Town in JB since 叔叔 and Hazel  姐姐 have given us free tickets.  So after a good hearty breakfast, we drove in to JB.  Clearing the checkpoint was a breeze ... no crowd, no waiting.

And soon enough, we reached Hello Kitty Town !!!

The Red Bow Cafe at the entrance

And we went to the second level, which was the entrance to Hello Kitty Town

The first stop that we went to was to decorate hello kitty biscuits with strawberry jam and dark chocolate


Since this is Hello Kitty Town, I have to take photos with all the Hello Kitty statures

The turning saucer ride

The kind-of parade performance in Hello Kitty Town .... short performance, but the place is pretty small as well, so good enough. Cannot expect the grand parade seen in Disneyland





Wearing our handmade necklaces, featuring our initials !!!Wanted to have "JT", but they dun have the letter "J" !!!!

Then we went inside Hello Kitty House

Ready to go on another holiday !!!

We almost completed exploring the Hello Kitty House by 1230 pm, so decided to have lunch, before we move on to the second part where we went to The Little Big Club.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

6th Birthday Celebration - Lunch at Cafe Mosiac

Part 2 of my birthday celebration is a lunch with my close family members. I requested to wear the pink Princess gown that Mummy bought for me from US last year, which I also wore for my 5th birthday celebration.
Trying to look like a real princess with the tiara and wand from the princess cake yesterday. However the tiara is too small for me, so I just balanced it on my head to take photo. 
Mummy booked Cafe Mosiac at Carlton Hotel. Mainly because they don't charge for kids under 8 years old, and they have children activities!
Taking a photo with 叔叔, Hazel 姐姐 and 表妹.

表妹 and I got a fish each made from balloons as part of the kids activities.
 We also made caterpillars as part of the kid's activities. 




The whole family enjoying the buffet. YUMMY!!!
Then we went around to take photos.

Even 太姨婆 was fascinated with the fish balloon sculpture and took one for herself
And posing for the camera with our prized possessions
Then we went on to have 2 more balloon sculptures - a turtle bracelet and a unicorn! The balloon sculpturist there is really fantastic, they were really unique and very pretty!

Then it was time for the cake cutting ceremony. Daddy and Mummy bought a small cake - tinkerbelle at my request.


All my loved ones!


And all my balloon sculptures at the end of the day

And 叔叔 pretending the balloon fish to be a lantern, by adding his own music


And Daddy and 叔叔 playing with the balloons

 Dancing around after my buffet lunch / high tea ....
And we took a stroll at Raffles City Shopping Mall,  and of course I headed to the toys department.  Discovered a toy somewhat like Wii, whereby I have to move the remote to control my robot.  Really tiring leh
When I left the shopping mall at about 5 pm and sat in Daddy's car, I told Daddy and Mummy that I will just take a rest, not sleep.... Daddy and Mummy knew the moment I said that (ie. just rest), I will immediately knocked out and go into deep sleep. Haha.  And they were right. 
Have a really wonderful birthday celebration.  Really blessed to celebrate my birthday every year with my beloved family members ....
And of course, the final part of the birthday celebration series would be just with Daddy and Mummy on my actual birthday !!!