Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Who Was Faster

Over the weekend, 表妹 and I decided to have a challenge to see who would be faster.  表妹  was on her scoot while I rode my bike.  And in the end, I WON !!! Haha ... since I am older than 表妹

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Daddy's Plants

After a few months, we started to see some 'improvement' in Daddy's plants !!!

A pot of  牵牛花 still growing strongly.  Wonder how many flowers will blossom in this pot

We bought this pot of orchid from IKEA, but after a few months, the flowers withered.  So with some fertilizer, water and sunshine, the plant started to blossom again ....

A small shoot appeared .... Daddy forgot what plant that was, so we are in for a surprise when the plant blossom !!!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Swimming Lessons

After graduating from Pat's Schoolhouse, I decided to continue with my swimming lessons with the same Swimming School.  And a few of my friends joined me as well : Joel, Breanna, Xavier and Jun Rui.  So it was like a mini reunion for us once a week to catch up, and share our primary school experience.

I started to swim pool length now at 1.6 m depth without any float !!! But when Daddy brought me to swim, I always told him the pool was too deep (at 1.4 m ???) and I cannot swim long distances !!! Haha

Visit to General Office in School

Yes, I had a visit to the General Office in school on Friday !!!

When I told Daddy and Mummy that, they thought I were called up by the principal !!! And when I related the story to them, they were relieved.

The story went ... when recess time came, my buddy Janice 姐姐 was supposed to come and bring me to the canteen.  However, she did not appear, and all students were not allowed to stay in the classroom during recess time.  So I decided to go to the General Office by myself and enquire why Janice 姐姐 did not come and pick me up.  Was told to wait in the General Office, but after a while, I gave up, and decided to go to the canteen by myself.  And I happened to see Janice 姐姐.  She was late because her teacher needed to talk to her.

So by the time I bought the food, the school bell rang, and it was time to go back to the classroom.  Janice 姐姐 told me to finish my food, and then explain to Mdm Soh what happened later. Haha

So when Daddy and Mummy heard the story, they were like "General Office is one place that students do not like to go near .... only spell bad news" .... but for me, I was so comfortable going to 陈老师 (the principal) office in Pat's Schoolhouse (which is equivalent to General Office) that I have no qualms going to the General Office. Haha ....

Only difference is, in the past, whenever I go to 陈老师 office, I always get to hug her (the principal) and get free sweets, but now, no more hugging and definitely no more free snacks !!!!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Carrot In My Tooth

When Daddy fetched me home from school, I told Daddy that I went to my school dentist.  Daddy thought this was the regular dental session whereby the dental nurse will randomly pick several students for dental check.

But I told Daddy that I wanted to see the dental nurse by myself.  All because I thought there was a piece of carrot stuck behind my lower tooth.  So I told my Chinese teacher I needed to go to the dentist (Daddy was impressed that I thought of going to the dentist because of that).  And then after a visit to the dentist, I realized that it was not a piece of carrot, but I have a new tooth growing at the back !!!!

Hooray .... time for milk teeth replacement !!!! But Daddy and Mummy thought it was funny that I described a piece of carrot stuck at the back of my tooth.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

CMA Exam

My CMA exams results are out !!! And I have perfect score again !!! So I told Daddy that he must take a photo of the results and send to Mummy (since she was not there at CMA)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Followed Instructions

One day, my form teacher, Mdm Soh, told the whole class that we will be given homework, and that  we need to finish our homework at home before submitting the following day.

When I reached home, Daddy and Mummy asked me how was school, and whether I had homework to do.  And I told them that I did have homework to do.  So they were curious on why the homework was so much that I was not able to complete my homework at the student care in the afternoon.

Then I told them that I cannot do my school homework at the student care ... because Mdm Soh said that I must finish my homework at HOME !!!!

Daddy and Mummy almost "fainted" .... I really followed instructions literally .... Haha

Thursday, 17 January 2013

BACM ???

On the 4th day of my viral fever, I suddenly felt pain in both my calves on my legs, and had a lot of difficulty walking.  In fact, with the pain, I had to try to walk in a very awkward manner (with legs spread out, and toes sideway, somewhat like a penguin).  And on the 5th day, I did not feel like walking, and had Daddy to carry me around.

Mummy asked her colleagues and they thought it might be BACM (Benign Acute Childhood Myositis).  This is characterized by a sudden calf pain and inability to walk.  Patients demonstrated symptoms of flu-like illness followed by this sudden onset of walking difficulty.  Sounds like my case.

So the next day, Daddy took leave to bring me to NUH for a check-up, since my viral fever had not subsided, and I had walking difficulty all of a sudden.  To minimize walking and Daddy carrying me (too tired for him), Daddy got me a wheelchair to move about.

The NUH doctor examined me, and recommended an ultrasound scan of my hips.  And he referred me to a specialist (rheumatologist) in the afternoon for a detailed examination.  The ultrasound scan showed that my hip was OK.  When the rheumatologist examined me, she thought I might have some muscle inflammation since there were cases of thses due to viral attack. 

Had to go for a blood test to check for muscle enzyme activity and blood count etc.  When I heard of blood test, I panicked .... Daddy knew that, and told the doctor that I will surely cry.  The doctor then recommended to apply a thin layer of anaesthsia cream before drawing my blood.  And after 30 mins, the cream worked wonders !!! When the needle went in, I did not cry at all, since the sensation was already numb.... haha

When the blood test results came out, I did have increased muscle enzyme activity, indicating some inflammation of the muscles, and still virus remaining in my body.  Fortunately, the following day, the pain at my calves slowly dissipated, and I was able to walk again normally.  Phew !!!

Viral fever finally subsided after 6 days ...  and the rheumatologist wanted to have a review with me next week just to make sure I am cleared ....

Super deadly virus nowadays .... hope my immune system will improve and I stop falling sick so often

Monday, 14 January 2013

Viral Fever

After 2 weeks of primary school, I am down with viral fever .... low immune system, not enough of drinking water in school, and 'freedom' in buying 'junk' food from the canteen during breaks ....

Sigh .... hope this is just a passing phase.

Hope to go back to school, after missing 2 days of lessons

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Food Filled With Love

Mummy took great efforts and creativity to prepare the food that I bring to school .... different varieties and highly nutritious !!! Nice to have a mummy who can cook well


A big thank you from Daddy and me to Mummy for taking good care of my meals .... all because I am a picky and slow eater, so Mummy got to put in extra effort to entice me to finish my food. 

And you would have noticed a commonality in the food .... all Japanese style. Haha

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Mighty Dragon - All From Lego

Opened my new Lego set that I received as a birthday present from Daddy and Mummy.  Specifically requested for a super big Lego set so that I can make different figures from the blocks ...

And the mighty dragon was borned !!!

A gal in red, a boy in blue in the middle, and a blue soldier

A colourful swimming pool, with a diving board

Going to unleash more of my creative juices as I explore the complete Lego set

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Towkay Style

The towkay style.... making sure I am very comfortable while chit chatting on the phone with 姑姑 and  奶奶

Monday, 7 January 2013

Graduation Certificate

Proudly displayed on the living room wall, on top of the TV console !!!! My first graduation certificate, with all my graduation photos

And more to come ....

Friday, 4 January 2013

First Week in Primary School

In preparation for my first day of school, Mummy brought me for a haircut.  Decide to cut my hair shorter so that when I have PE lessons, would be easier to dry with short hair, and not have my eczema to flare up again.

Donning on my school uniform with my new hair style, do I look at least 1-2 years younger than before ??? The typical school gal look.  But think my skirt is a little bit too big ... and it is already S size !!! Haha.

Mummy got up early on the first day fo school to prepare food for me to eat during recess time. My favourite onigiri !!! And grapes to complete the meal !!!! Bought the animal toothpick from Daiso ...

Packed in my lunch container, with a packet of Ribena !!!

On the first day, all the Primary 1 students assembled in the school hall for the pledge reciting ceremony.  Then the teachers brought us to our classrooms, while the parents stayed in the school hall, to listen to some of the talks and speeches by the Principal and HODs.

So Daddy and Mummy only saw me during recess time.  Every Primary 1 student has a Primary 4 buddy to guide them for a month.  And my buddy is Janice 姐姐.  She is really patient and takes good care of me.

Trying to look for Daddy and Mummy since all parents were supposed to stand from far to look

After recess time, Daddy and Mummy 'illegally' sneaked around my classroom and tried to see what I was doing  

And after school, it was time to go to my student care ....

Taking my lunch provided by the student care ....

Had a shower in the afternoon.  Daddy and Mummy picked me up at about 5 pm.  When I reached home, I told them what happened in school, and so far, I was still excited about my primary school.  Although Daddy and Mummy felt that I might have some 'culture shock' while adjusting from childcare, and I looked a little blur at times in school.  But I could still tell them what happened in school ... so maybe I was not that blur after all.

Day 2, Daddy and Mummy drove me to school in the morning, and let me have breakfast in school.  This time, the assembly was at the parade square, and parents would have to leave once the assembly was completed.

And for recess time, Mummy prepared fried rice for me ... was too much so did not finish.
Requested Daddy to pick me up after 6pm from student care ... because they screen movies from 530 pm onwards !!! Haha

Day 3, parents were not allowed to go into school compound any more, so Daddy and Mummy dropped me at the school gate.  For recess time, Mummy prepare this super cute-looking and declicious sandwich for me.  She cut into bite size so that I can finish my food quickly.  I have the habit of nibbling my food and taking a really L...O...N....G time to finish.  In fact, Daddy wondered if  Janice 姐姐 must be feeling 'kan cheong' for me to complete my food during recess time, so that I would not be late for my next lesson.

For the first week of school, it went pretty well.  Only worry that Daddy and Mummy have is my slow eating habit .... Sigh

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Photos from my Progress Card

Finally, time to upload some photos from my K2 progress card.  My teachers spent a lot of effort putting this together so that Daddy and Mummy will know some of my activities in school.
Already missing Pat's Schoolhouse, especially my friends and beloved teachers !!!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Pizza Hut Story

You must really hear this ridiculous Pizza Hut story that Ms Kristy told Mummy.

In 2011, Ms Kristy was thinking of celebrating Chelsea's (her daughter) birthday in school (Pat's schoolhouse), so decided to order some pizza and chicken wings from Pizza Hut on her actual birthday.  So she made the order few days ago from the actual day.  However, on the actual day, no delivery came !!! And when Ms Kristy called Pizza Hut to find out why the order did not come, they said no order was received !!!

And you thought this is ridiculous .... wait till you hear more.

Then 2012, exactly one year later when Ms Kristy has made the order, she received a phone call from Pizza Hut, saying when they reached the childcare, there was no gal by the name of Chelsea / Ms Kristy.  Obviously not lar, since Pat's Schoolhouse has moved out of its previous address in 2012.  Then Ms Kristy realized what happened to her 2011 order.  The lady who took the order in 2011, keyed in the order year as 2012 (instead of 2011) !!!!

This is really ridiculous !!!!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Beautiful Photos

Again, 姑姑 has helped to decorate some of the photos taken during my birthday celebration .... with the special frames added, they look really nice
Big happy family



And of course, lovey dovey 叔叔 and Hazel 姐姐