Sunday, 24 February 2013

Ballet Exam Practice

On Sunday, Ms Alice (my ballet teacher) made each of us do our ballet exam dance steps individually, so that she can correct our movements and steps, if any.
So Daddy managed to look from outside the class through a small glass panel and take a video of my practice.  Total 2 dances that I will be tested during the exam

Ms Alice said I still have some feet errors that I need to correct.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fun Time with My Friends

After my swimming lessons on Saturday afternoon, I invited my close friends, Breanna, Joel and Camille over to my house for some good fun.  And with 4 kids together, we surely knew how to entertain ourselves with toys and games, while the adults were busy chatting and sharing experiences as parents of P1 students !!!
Daddy was too busy eating and chatting that he did not manage to do any video of the 4 of us playing. 
Breanna and her parents had to leave early at 8 pm, since they had to rush down to make payment to secure the birthday party celebration for Breanna, which is coming up in Mar ... Hooray !!! Another time for great fun again.
So while Joel and Camille stayed on, we made so much noise that Daddy just had to do a video of what we were up to.
Unfortuntately, time flew past pretty fast, and it was close to 10 pm.  So we reluctantly called it a day (or rather night).
Shall be meeting them again next week during swimming lessons ...  

Friday, 22 February 2013

Finally ... My Graduation Concert DVD

Yes, after close to 3 months of waiting, my graduation concert DVD has finally come !!! And this was the DVD that all my close family members have been waiting for, to watch my graudation concert.

And along with the DVD was this certificate from University of West London.  Not that my IQ is super high that I achieved a Distinction in an university course. Haha
Rather, Pat's Schoolhouse teamed up with University of West London on this Speech and Drama course.  And on the actual graduation concert day, a professsor from the university came to watch the concert, and assessed each of us on our speech and drama talent - our confidence, our skills etc.  And in fact, before the professor came over, Ms Kristy made a short introduction video of each of us and sent it over to the professor so that he can familiarize himself with us.
Daddy shall see if he can upload certain portions of the concert in the blog next time

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tooth Fairy

My new tooth has started to grow at the back, but the front milk tooth still refused to come off.  So Mummy decided to bring me to the dentist in my school to extract the front tooth.
The dentist applied local anaethesia paste on my gums, before she did an injection on the gums.  Was really effective because no pain was felt.  Then the dentist extracted the front tooth easily and NO PAIN at all !!!
After that, I felt so proud and told Mummy that I am a brave girl ... did not cry at all. Haha.
The dentist commented that I have a good set of teeth and should keep up the regular brushing and avoid eating sweet stuff.  She even gave me a spiderman toothbrush to encourage me to do regular brushing
Kept the extracted tooth in a small plastic bag so that I can show that to Daddy at night.  And also to wait for tooth fairy to appear in my sweets at night.  Haha

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Home Made Chicken Floss

What do you do with a whole chicken that has been used to make chicken essence, and is now bland and tasteless ???
Make your own chicken floss !!!!

Home made chicken floss to go with my food during recess

Monday, 18 February 2013

Home Made Chicken Essence

In order to boost my immune system, Mummy decided to make chicken essence for me herself instead of buying those commercial ones in supermarket.

 Bought an entire whole chicken to steam ....

And after hours of steaming, the chicken essence, ready to be consumed !!! 

And obviously look at my facial expression, it was wonderful !!!!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

CNY Gathering at Auntie Chiew Eng's Place

The gathering at Auntie Chiew Eng's place is always  an annual event.  So this year is no different.  On Sunday, we gathered at Auntie Chiew Eng's place for steamboat lunch.  We were the first to reach at 1230 pm, since it was time for my lunch.  Auntie Linda and her family reached 10 mins later, since her 3 kids needed lunch as well ... and you can see, those with kids were on time (to ensure kids are properly fed), while the singles would still be sleeping on a lazy Sunday afternon !!!
And as usual, Mummy prepared the 鱼生 dish

And of course the 主角 has to be this abalone slices .... and it is not just any ordinary type, but the highly expensive Mexican type, sponsor from Uncle Peng Lam.  He always sponsors the abalone every year !!!

And this year, we have another friend joining us !!! And tada ... the 财神爷 made by Auntie Linda !!! Not yet complete at this stage ... just the head

The adults had steamboat for almost 3.5 hrs !!! Gosh .... and we (the kids) decided to entertain ourselves by playing hide and seek in the house.  And then it was time for police and thieves, and poor Daddy had to be the thief, captured by the young and brave police kids and thrown behind bars !!! Haha
Uncle Peng Lam was the last one to arrive.  And definitely we cannot start the 捞鱼生 ceremony without him, since he was the sponsor for the abalone.  All the kids ready with the chopsticks to toss the 鱼生

Taking a group photo before we mess up the place with the 捞鱼生 ceremony

Uncle Peng Lam showing how to say all the auspicious words as he prepared the 鱼生
And the 捞鱼生 ceremony officially started !!! You cannot imagine the mess we created.  Luckily there was newspapers on the floor, otherwise it would be a disaster !!! 
And the kids enjoying the crackers from the 鱼生 while the adults eating the 鱼生 dish

See, Asling 姐姐 putting on the 财神爷 head gear for a photo shoot

And taking photos with the 财神爷 before we leave Auntie Chiew Eng's place


Looking forward to another year of good luck !!!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Show and Tell

Told Daddy and Mummy that we are going to have a show and tell session in school the next day, one in Mandarin and the other in English. 

For the one in Mandarin, each of us (in the class) is going to bring our family photo and tell something about the photo.  And for the English session, each of us is going to bring our favourite toy to school for the show and tell.

So the night before, Daddy and Mummy asked me to do a demonstration .... and I kept saying 奶奶 in Cantonese. Haha


Thursday, 14 February 2013


舅舅  helped to put together this collage .... nice right ?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Fun with Breanna

On the 3rd day of CNY, since we were near her place, so we decided to drop by Breanna's place to 拜年.  And that meant play fun for both of us.  So while the adults were happily chatting in the living room, we were happily having our little fun in the bedroom.

And we decided to put up a magic performance for the adults ... 



And Breanna showing Daddy and Mummy her violin performance.  Pretty good for her age, with slurring and staccato in the right places


And we will be meeting again on Saturday when we resume our swimming lessons again !!!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Fun with 叔叔

Great to have a young 叔叔, who can entertain 表妹 and myself !!! And see how we laughed like crazy !!!

年初二 - 开年

On 年初二, everyone came over to our place for lunch, since this is what we called 开年.  So we got up early that day, had our breakfast, and started to prepare for the fabulous lunch.
Mummy prepared her signature 鱼生 .... a vegetarian dish, except for the jellyfish, which replaced the raw fish slices. And I helped to prepare the 鱼生


Including the 鱼生, we had a total of 8 dishes, signifying 发发发
Pumpkin soup with crab meat and scallop !!!! Looks like gold !!!

Braised chicken


波菜 with abalone  ..... yummy


Grilled prawns with butter garlic ....

Sixth dish was the steamed cod fish to signify 年年有余
奶奶 prepared two of her signature dishes as well : 算盘子and 炒芽菇

We extended the dining table to accommodate all the 9 adults : 爷爷, 奶奶, 姑姑, 叔叔, 公公, 舅舅, 舅母, Daddy and Mummy.  And for the 2 kids 表妹 and myself, we had our lunch at the Ikea kiddy table .... everyone enjoying the yummy lunch


After lunch, it was time for some mahjong session.  And the big winner was Daddy !!!! Haha

And getting ready to go for another round of 拜年 in the evening !!!


Sunday, 10 February 2013

初夕 Dinner

We had steamboat for 除夕 dinner .... wonderful spread with lots of food that left us all full and bloated ... haha

Donkey, Pear and Mandarin Oranges

Can anyone figure out the story of donkey, pear and mandarin oranges ???

Well, I can, because I just did that on the first day of CNY.  We were going to go house visiting on the first day of CNY, so when Mummy asked me what do we bring along for house visiting, I told her we bring 子 ..... Mummy was trying hard not to laugh, and told me 驴子 is donkey, and we could not possibly bring a big donkey to people's house.

Then I told her I said wrongly, and I really meant 梨子.  Mummy then told me I was close but 梨子 meant pears .... and we do not bring pears for CNY

I thought about it hard, trying to remember the correct term to use ... and finally I blurted out 橘子 !!! Got it right the 3rd time.

So that was the story of donkey, pear and mandarin oranges !!! Looks like my mandarin is getting worse by the day .... haha

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Decorating the House

Trying to decorate the house, and since I had done this with Mummy previously, I was teaching Daddy how to do it the right way ....
And in the end, it looked like it was not exactly the right way after all. Haha

New Bedsheet

Changing my bedsheet in preparation for the Chinese New Year .... Disney Princess bedsheet !!! And I changed the pillow and bolster casings myself

Kissing the princesses

Friday, 8 February 2013


Over the weekend, Daddy and Mummy decided I shall draft my own table table that I will follow when I reach home from school.  This is to cultivate discipline in me.

So I drew up this timetable all by myself .... drawing the lines, writing the days in the week, then filling up the activities for the time slots

Enlarged version, starting from 630 pm.  Have time slots for school work and play !!!

And look at the 845 pm time slot.  Time to go to bed, whereby Daddy or Mummy will read a bedtime story to me or we read together.  Now we are on this book called "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" ... a story that I am most familiar since this was my K2 graduation concert performance.
And in case you saw the "tttttt' after bed time story.  That is the short form for "teh teh" ... in dialect.  Means sayang sayang, whereby Daddy or Mummy will sleep with me for a while on my bed, and we chit chat ... haha.

So far, have been following my table table ..... will need to draft the weekend timetable soon

Monday, 4 February 2013

Maths Practice

At 爷爷 and 奶奶 house, I had my dinner early. So while the adults were still having dinner, I told Daddy to give me some maths problems to practise.

Told Daddy I can do addition and multiplication. So Daddy started me off on 2 digit summation and 2 digit multiplication. All correct for addition sums, but had one mistake for the multiplication

Then I told Daddy I can do 3 and 4 digit addition. And this time all correct !!!! Hooray !!!

I love doing Maths

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Home Cooked Food Series

Home cooked food series continues ....
A teddy bear with salmon flakes on top, quail egg, broccoli and pear !!! 

Cold soba with quail egg and strawberries

And then since it would be the last week that Janice 姐姐 (my buddy) will be with me for recess, Mummy decided to make one bento set for her as well.  So the one on the left is for me - a small bear sushi with salmon flakes, egg and strawberry.  The missing container is to contain broccoli.  The one on the right is for Janice 姐姐 - a bigger bear with pork floss (since Mummy was not sure if Janice 姐姐 likes the taste of salmon) and everything else is the same.  Feedback from Janice 姐姐 : she loved tat ....

The following day, Mummy decided to let me bring banana-chocolate muffins to school.  Helped Mummy to smash up the banana

And I brought 4 muffins to school !!! Ate one for breakfast, and left 3 for my recess ... yummy !!!