Friday, 15 March 2013

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Birthday Song - A New Version

Singing the birthday song in Malay language ... or at least this is how I interpreted Malay language. Haha.  And 表妹 followed suit as well.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Never Sick of Gangnam Dance

表妹 and I can never get sick of Gangnam dance.  Saw the repeat of the korean music ceremony and PSY won the grand award, so that got our interest to do the gangnam dance again




Sunday, 10 March 2013

Interesting Performance

Very interesting performance ... and wonders that human bodies can do

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Fun with Joel At His Place

On Saturday afternoon, when it was time for our swimming lessons, it started to rain cats and dogs. So we waited at the swimming pool for about 30 mins, before the class was declared cancelled.
Uncle Telang invited us to his place to have some fun.  And the first thing that we did, was to set up the XBox Kinect and played like crazy !!!! Has been quite a long time since I played that at Joel's place
After all the workout, we had dinner.  And then fun continued inside Joel's bedroom with playdoh and Camille joined in as well !!!! The 3 of us had so much fun that we did not realize we had playdoh all over the laminate floor.  Daddy peeked on us and realized we made such a big mess, and he told us to stop playing and clean up the mess with wet wipes.  After a while, we declared we are done with the cleaning, and upon inspection, it was STILL a mess !!! Gosh. Should have expected this from 3 kids .... haha
In the end, Auntie Winnie went to do more cleaning and Daddy helped out since I was one of the culprit.
Had a really fun evening at Joel's place ....

Interesting Conversation

I returned home, and then realized that I did not bring back the art and craft things (drawing block, paint brushes and water-coloured paint) from school.  So I told Mummy that I forgot about that.

Mummy told me not to be so careless next time, and that I need to remember to bring back my own stuff since that is my responsibility.  And Mummy gave me an analogy that it is her responsibility to fetch me from school and bring me home. 

Then I told Mummy : "This will not happen lar"
Mummy asked why

And I told her : Because Teacher Annie (student care teacher) will call you and said "Hello, are you Jing Ting's Mummy ? You forgot to bring Jing Ting home.  Can you come now ?"

Win already lor ... so much about inculcating responsibility in me. Haha

Friday, 8 March 2013

Presents !!!!

叔叔 and Hazel 姐姐, together with 3 of their other friends went on a vacation to Australia.  And when they came back, I was happy to receive 2 presents from them !!
A super nice sweater and a little furry purse for me !!! Perfect presents as my pink sweater is getting a little small for me, and the purse can be used to contain my coins !!!

Thank you 叔叔 and Hazel 姐姐

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Yummy Food for Recess

Different variety of yummy food that Mummy prepared for me in the last few weeks, other than fried rice and
Stir fried udon, with papaya

Japanese rice, with mini chocolate bread and grapes !!!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ballet Exam - 2 more weeks

2 more weeks to my first ballet exam !!! Getting really excited.
So on Sunday, we moved to Ivory Studio for our practice since that would be where the exam would be held.  And it was perfect for Mummy to take a video of my practice.  No obstruction of view.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Beef Essence

Mummy decided to try making beef essence for me, just to see if I like the taste (since beef has a much stronger taste than chicken), and also to alternate my food choices.

The preparation was similar, except Mummy added some sake to remove the strong taste / smell.  Finished the beef essence, but I still prefer chicken essence ... haha