Sunday, 26 May 2013

River Safari Adventure

Visit to the River Safari with my closed ones ... and the highlight of the trip is no other than the 2 pandas !!!! Daddy has not much time to write long stories ... so short captions.

At the entrance

And time for some aqua creatures

Monkeys ... not exactly aqua creatures.  But they are good swimmers which can go into water to catch crabs for meals !!!


Time to visit the panda enclosure


Who says only pandas are picky eaters ?? Me too !!!



Finally, the main characters in River Safari making their appearances.  And luckily, we visited the enclosure in the morning before lunch.  When we went back after lunch, the pandas were sleeping like a log .... really good life


Nice mural


And while waiting for the fish feeding time, I was using the map to explain to 爷爷 which attractions we have gone to, and what is coming up next. 

Some videos of the sea creatures !!!





Had a really enjoyable day, especially when I had Daddy with me for this outing ... he has been so busy with work that I hardly get to go out with him

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hoola Hoop

I could do hoola hoop for quite a while !!! Daddy and Mummy were pleasantly surprised

Friday, 3 May 2013

Trip to Istana

On Labour Day public holiday, we made a trip down to Istana Open House since Daddy was free that day. 
And we joined the guided tour inside the Istana building .... really very interesting and informative.