Sunday, 29 September 2013

Swim Somersault

Since the sun came out on Sunday afternoon (was raining in the morning), Daddy decided to bring me to swim in the pool. 

And I showed Daddy how to do a somersault in the water.  Daddy tried that one time previously, but ended up giddy.  And I could do that backwards, and forward many times without any problem !!!



And it was a super relaxing afternoon having fun at the pool

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Usual Fun After Swimming

As usual, after our swimming lessons on Saturday afternoon, Joel, Camille and Breanna dropped by our place to have some fun.

And Daddy was amazed what the 4 of us were doing, and decided to take a video.  In the end, Joel got bored because it was more of a gal's fun .... haha


Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Frog Prince Play at SRT

Daddy's company has some discount to the play "The Frog Prince" at SRT.  So we bought tickets early.  The play was recommended for kids from 4-6 years old, and in fact, I do qualify, since my birthday has not come yet. Haha
Coincidentally, we saw Uncle Shucheng, Auntie Peilin, Amelia and Avery outside the theatre.  So we agreed to go for lunch together after the play.
I already knew the story of the frog prince, but watching it as a play was really a different experience.  Good singing, excellent acting and fun interaction with the audience.  The play lasted for 1 hour, but throughout the 1 hour show, every moment was engaging.
After the play ended, I took a photo in front of the stage, before Daddy was told not to take any photos inside. Haha
So off we go for lunch .... Do, Re, Mi trio. Haha
We settled for the nearby Italian restaurant
And after lunch, we went to walk around Robertson Quay


I thoroughly enjoyed the play a lot .... but soon, I would grow out of this. Haha

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Dinner at Central

We went for buffet dinner at Central to celebrate Daddy and Mummy "拍拖" anniversary.  So of course, I was the one who was the happiest of all ... get to eat buffet with lots of variety of food. And I can go to the various counters and choose what I want on my plate.




In fact, I ate much more than Daddy and Mummy.  Was so full that we decided to take a walk around the mall.  Saw beautiful rabbit displays and of course, I must take photos with them

That night, I ate so full that I had problems falling asleep.  Had to get Daddy to sleep with me and pat me to sleep. Haha

Friday, 20 September 2013

Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival in School

On Friday evening, my school held the annual Mid-Autumn Festival celebration and invited all parents to join in the fun.  We had our dinner then set off to the school. 
When we reached the school, we were just in time to enjoy the story of Chang E, put up by Ms Woon, my Chinese teacher. And she brought along her rabbit pet for the performance.  Her rabbit must be frightened by the loud sounds, because she wanted to escape from Ms Woon's arms ... luckily no incident of 'suicide'  haha


Talent time .... teachers and students competing for the top place.


And my favourite magic show ... I was glued to that.


After the magic show, I decided to light my lantern and walk around the school compound.  I took the opportunity to take photos with Mdm Soh, my form teacher
And photo with Ms Woon, my Chinese teacher
The celebration ended with all the students carrying our lanterns and followed the principal around the school peripheral. 
Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Hoopla Hoop Fun

Centrepoint opened a Toy 'R' Us store recently, and they had this exhibition at the atrium to promote its new store.  So fun time for me, as I explored the exhibition
Toy 'R' Us mascot
The Sylvanias family - squirrel series.  I have part of the rabbit series at home - a birthday gift from my friend
Yee ... ants everywhere !!!

We decided to drop by the store to take a look.  Looked like it is a temporary store, rather than permanent.  Nevertheless, had some fun with hoopla hoop there. 


Sunday, 15 September 2013

Fun at Gardens By The Bay

After celebrating 叔叔 birthday, we decided to drop by Gardens By The Bay to enjoy the lantern display over there.  Since Daddy and Mummy were pretty tired, so I followed 爷爷, 奶奶 and 姑姑 for the outing.

姑姑 took many photos and sent to Daddy to see how I enjoyed myself

Reached home at about 845 pm.  And during bed time, I told Daddy what I saw at the outing.  Daddy said he could just place his hands on my head and sensing my brain waves to know what I had for dinner.  I did not really believe him, but decided to see how Daddy can guess what I had for dinner (since I did not tell him).  Daddy told me to just think about what I had for dinner, and concentrate hard.  After a while, Daddy told me I had rice for dinner .... WRONG !!!

Then Daddy told me I did not concentrate hard enough.  So he tried again. He guessed I had dinner at a fast food restaurant .... bingo.  And that place sells chicken and burger .... bingo again.  When I asked Daddy what was the name of the restaurant, he told me it was Texas Chicken !!! Wow ... perfectly correct !!! Impressive ... Little did I know that 姑姑 had already told Daddy before I reached home ... Chey !!!

Celebrate 叔叔 Birthday

We went to celebrate 叔叔 birthday at Tung Lok restaurant at Orchard Central.  And since 叔叔 likes to take photos of dishes before he eats them, he put together a collage of the sumptuous meal

And I ate more than Mummy ... lots of meat !!! And by the time we left the restaurant, my tummy was bulging out. Haha

Happy Birthday 叔叔 !!! Enjoy your celebration with Hazel 姐姐 on your actual birthday