Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Save the Puppy

When Daddy brought me to the toilet in the middle of the night, he saw that I was sleeping on my little yellow pillow instead.  And my favourite soft toy puppy was strangled !!!

Poor puppy

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Smales Fun at IKEA

On Sunday, since 舅舅 and 舅母 were busy, so Daddy and Mummy decided to bring me and 表妹 to Alexandra IKEA so that we can have some fun at the indoor playground.  So in order to make sure that 表妹 does not throw tantrums because of missing her afternoon nap, I told 表妹 before lunch that she must go and sleep before she can go to the playground.  And she did.  Phew.

So in the afternoon, we set off with 公公 as well.  There was quite a queue to get into the indoor playground.  And after about 20 mins or so, it was finally our turn to submit our completed forms. 

While the person-in-charge was processing our forms, we decided to measure ourselves just in case. 

About 110 cm - great, since 表妹 needs to be > 90 cm

And 125 cm for me - great, since I need to be < 130 cm.  Which means most likely end next year, I cannot qualify to go to the indoor playground with 表妹 anymore.

Taking off our shoes, ready to go in
And I had some problems putting the box in the shelf by myself .... Daddy signalled to me to ask for help

And we made a new friend at the library corner in the playground ...


After 1 hour of fun, we had dinner at the IKEA restaurant. Had fish and chips, chicken wings, kids' pasta, and I pinched a little of Mummy's salmon wrap and 公公's chicken leg.  And I ended with mini chocolate donuts for dessert !!! Yummy and full.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Halloween Ghost

I told Mummy how to prepare for Halloween ... get a big towel, cut 2 holes in the towel, then cover myself with the towel except for my eyes looking through the 2 holes ...

I transform myself into a HOLLOWEEN GHOST !!!

Cheap and scary right ???

Thursday, 24 October 2013

CMA Grade 10 Results

Got my CMA Grade 10 exam results !!! 10/10 for both mental and abacus papers.  Moving on to Grade 9 now

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fun at Suntec City Mall

This week is PSLE marking week, so there are no lessons in school.  Since 姑姑 was able to take leave on Thurs, I decided to not go to student care, and spend the day in 爷爷 and 奶奶 place.

So slept over on Wed night at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place.  On Thurs morning, breakfast was at my favourite place - McDonalds

And then before lunch time, off we went to Suntec City with 爷爷, 奶奶 and 姑姑.  Although it was just shopping and walking around the new Suntec (after major renovation), it was really fun ... and I had my favourite food (Japanese cuisine) for lunch at Ichiban Boshi ....
See how happy I was in all the photos

奶奶 just bought a new Samsung handphone so she was using that to video me ...



Had fun the whole day before we left Suntec City Mall to go back for dinner.

When Daddy and Mummy asked me whether I enjoyed myself, I gave an astounding YES !!! And a big thank you to  爷爷, 奶奶 and 姑姑 for keeping me company ...

Sunday, 13 October 2013

CMA Exam Preparation - Grade 10

Going for my CMA exam preparation (Grade 10).  Had passed the previous few exams so hopefully, I can continue to pass the coming exam.


But lots of preparation worksheets to do .... sigh

Saturday, 12 October 2013


When I was shopping, I told Mummy that I wanted to get a handbag similar to the one that Mummy has, so that I can look like Mummy.

So in the end, I chose this pink (my favourite) handbag.  Told Mummy that I do not want any handbag with cartoon print on it, otherwise will not look like her.

So now, do I look like a 小大人 ??? Haha

Friday, 11 October 2013

Stomach Flu

I was fine all week.  In fact, I chatted with Daddy over the phone every night, including Thurs night.  Was still fine, until late in the night, I developed a high fever close to 40 degC.  No other symptoms.  Daddy heard about that and came back at night to take a look at me.

Then Friday came, and I developed diarrhoea and vomiting.  So that confirmed I had stomach flu.  Went to see a doctor to get some anti-vomiting medicine and lacteofort.  Had light porridge.  Mummy did not really sleep well the night before while taking care of me (checking my temperature, feeding me my medicine etc). 

Daddy came back from his training on Friday evening.  When night came, my fever was lower at 38.7 degC, and no more vomiting, just some 2 episodes of diarrhoea.  During bedtime, Daddy promised to sleep with me, since I have not seen him for the past few nights.

When Daddy asked me whether I missed him, I told him "Yes".  Then I told him that I was worried for the past few nights when I did not seem him.  Daddy asked me for the reason, and I told him that I was worried for bad guys ... haha.  Silly little gal .... but Daddy was quite happy that I was worried over him.

Wait till I grow up and it would be time for Daddy to worry about me when I go home late at night. Haha

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Chess Game

At night, before bedtime, I decided to have a game of chess with Mummy.  And the result was ....
I WON MUMMY without my knowing it

And then I showed Daddy how I won Mummy by "re-enacting" my victory (focus on the centre, and ignore the other chess pieces)
My first victory !!!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Stayover at Capella

Daddy had a 1 week stay-in training at Capella.  He had to check in on Sunday (have a kickoff briefing on Sunday evening), so we decided to follow along in the afternoon. 

When we checked in, the service was really personalized and great.  The staff explained the hotel facilities (gym, restaurants, swimming pool, library, and most importantly, 公公 heard that there was daily complimentary high-tea from 3-5 pm at the library).  Then she brought us to our room and explained the features as well (everything inside the mini bar was complimentary).

So while Daddy brought me to the pool for some fun, Mummy and 公公 went to the library for the complimentary high tea.  And once Daddy and I were done, we joined them at the high-tea.

Actually, I did not intend to stay overnight at the hotel with Daddy, since Mummy had to work and I had to go to school on Monday.  But I just could not resist the nice hotel room, so Daddy and Mummy agreed to let me stay over for the night.  They had to go back to pack my stuff and bring them over.
See how I laze around in the room while Daddy prepared for his evening kickoff meeting. 
Inside the hotel room .... 77 m2

While Daddy went to meet this colleagues, Mummy, 公公 and I went over to Vivocity for our dinner.  And by the time Mummy and I reached back to the room, I was pretty tired. 
My beauty sleeping pose for the night ....

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Coaching 表妹

Coaching 表妹 how to read.  I can be very patient when I need to ....

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Children's Day Celebration

To celebrate Children's Day, my school will be holding a celebration theme and they encourage all students to dress like a specific movie character.  Prizes to be given to those who are creative and look most alike ...

So the night before, with Mummy as my fashion consultant, I tried out my costume ....

Can you guess which specific cartoon character we were told to dress up as ???

Yes, the MINION !!! Haha.  Daddy forgot to include my blue jeans in the photo
And presenting the Minion song !!!