Saturday, 30 November 2013

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Daddy, 姑姑 and 叔叔 chipped in to buy a 'robot' for 奶奶 .... Samsung 'robot' cleaner so that 奶奶 can have time to rest while the 'robot' will clean the house.

So they put it to use for the first time ....


And then 奶奶 decided to check whether the 'robot' 偷懒.  And the verdict ....

Still a bit of dust not cleaned !!!! Poor 'robot' .... under scrutiny of a demanding 'boss'. Haha.  Shall be given a second chance to buck up tomorrow.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Prepare Breakfast By Myself

On Saturday morning, I prepared my own breakfast together with 姑姑



And ta-da .... my favourite maggie mee with lots of ingredients in it ....

Yummy yummy !!!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

姑姑 Birthday

姑姑's birthday is coming soon .... so while 姑姑 was at work in the day time, and I stayed over at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place, I decided to make a surprise present for her.

And in order for 姑姑 to find her present on her actual birthday, I decided to leave clues for her ....

And the deal is, 姑姑 can only open on her actual birthday .... Surprise !!!!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Musical - Grimm's Fairy Tales

Daddy and Mummy bought tickets with Joel/Camille's and Breanna's parents to bring us to watch the Musical "Grimm's Fairy Tales" on Sat after our swimming lessons.  Since Daddy was still on business trip, he could not join us and had to forfeit the ticket.

We went for a quick dinner (had chicken rice) somewhere near the DBS auditorium.  And Daddy was wondering what could be so intriguing that all the 3 bigger kids were hovering around Breanna to see what was written

Enjoyed the musical a lot ... especially watching it with my closed friends

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Tyre Pumping in Houston

On his business trip this time, Daddy finally has the chance to experience how Houston folks pump their car tyres. 

While driving back from office, Daddy's car dashboard showed a low tyre pressure warning sign.  So he thought he would go to a petrol kiosk to pump the car tyres ... isn't this what Singaporeans do ? So he drove his car to the nearby petrol kiosk and saw the "AIR" sign.  Perfect !!

When he saw the air pump, it was locked up, and would need US$1 to use the air pump.  That was not the surprise.  Daddy could not find any button to adjust the air target pressure unlike those air pumps in Singapore that you can set the air pump pressure !!! The air pump was under lock and key.  So Daddy went to the counter and asked the person.  He said I just need to pay one dollar and I can use the pump.  Daddy was wondering maybe once he paid the US$1, he would be able to unlock the air pump and then able to manipulate the set pressure.

Daddy paid and then the pump was operating ... but no way to set the pressure.  He asked a nearby person, and kindly the person showed him how to pump the car tyre.  The person just took the air hose and started pumping the tyre !!! When Daddy asked him how would he know when is enough, the person told him usually anytime between 30 secs and 60 secs per tyre is sufficient.  Now, from an engineering point of view, that does not make sense .... but given that Daddy has no tools, he just followed suit.

And in the end, Daddy has 4 tyres of different pressure : 230 kPag is the target pressure, and he got 240 kPag, 245 kPag, 250 kPag and 260 kPag !!! And when he wanted to pump the lower pressure tyres, the air pump stopped operating ... that was how long the US$1 can last.

Now Daddy knows why there is such a thing call ed a pressure test pen.  But very interesting experience !!! Who would have known that tyre pumping in Singapore and Houston can be so different.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Chinese Dance Performance in School

Have been waiting for Thurs to come ... and the reason is I am going to perform my Chinese dance again with my friends as part of a school event.  So on Thurs morning, I woke up super early to prepare to reach school before 630 am.  Mummy took leave to help the students in the preparation, and to watch my performance.

After my make-up, I took some photos with my friends in the dance room.

After the performance, Mummy brought me home so that I can spend the rest of the day going shopping / watching TV at home !!! Hooray !!!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

IKEA - Houston

When Daddy was at Houston, he decided to drop by IKEA over there to take a look.  And yes, IKEA is global ... setup is the same as that in Singapore !!!

Perhaps, difference is food seems to be more worth its value over there.

And they sell fridges and ovens over there !!!

Daddy decided to apply for the IKEA Family card ... nothing better to do, and free anyway, and entitled to free coffee / tea (same as Singapore)

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Report Book for Primary 1

Finally received my report book for the year ... and almost perfect results.  All 1s and As, including Art !! Haha

So Mummy decided to reward me by going to my favourite restaurant in JP - Poulet.  And I almost finished the half chicken. Yummy

Guess if I went to a really branded school, I would be told "You can do better next time" .... haha.  Stressed

Monday, 11 November 2013

Finally .... Little Pony Tail

Finally ... my hair is long enough to have 2 pony tails !!! Should be ready for my birthday party !!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Japanese Food vs Daddy

After my Sat CMA class, when Mummy asked me what I want for lunch at JP, I told Mummy

"Since Daddy is not here (he is on business trip), can we eat Japanese ? Daddy won't let me eat one".

Yes, that was what I told Mummy.  And Mummy forwarded that to Daddy.  He messaged Mummy back and said I cannot eat Japanese.  And I told Mummy

"Mummy, why did you tell Daddy ??!!!???"

Interesting conversation ... and Daddy thought I was quick enough to ask for Japanese food without him around.

Of course, I had my Japanese food, and told Mummy to send a photo over to Daddy as evidence. Haha

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Top in Chinese Class

When Mummy told Daddy that I topped my Chinese class in the Chinese exam for the year, he was half believing that, until Mummy sent Daddy the evidence (Daddy is on business trip) !!!

And with my half-baked Singlish (mix of Chinese and English in a sentence), I can actually top my class ... not bad afterall ... also means my classmates are more "eat potatoes" type. haha

Friday, 8 November 2013

Staycation ???

Since school was closed for Mon (holiday after Deepavali) and Tues (School Admin Day), I decided not to go to student care, but stayed over at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place.

Was quite a good gal those 2 days .... woke up early, had breakfast, watched a bit of TV before I did my CMA homework.  In fact, when I woke up, I used 奶奶 handphone to watsapps Daddy and told him what I had for breakfast.  Then when Daddy asked me to do my homework, I "bargained" with him that I will do my homework at 10 am instead (was 950 am and was watching cartoon !!!).  Daddy agreed.  Then called Mummy during lunch to talk to her. 

Had a good afternoon nap, and because of that, I slept at 1130 pm on the first night !!!! Haha ... really out of my normal routine, since I would be in bed at 0830 pm on normal days. 

Went out with 爷爷 and 奶奶 on Tues.

Free staycation  at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place .... isn't that perfect ??? Haha

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Balloon Sculpture

JEM Standard Chartered Bank has this balloon sculpture freebie every weekend - as long as you flash a valid SC credit / debit card, you get to have a free balloon sculpture.

So 表妹 and I had one each - I chose a white rabbit hanging to a pink heart, while 表妹 chose to have a pink heart on a white pedestal.

Posing all the way to Marks and Spencer

And fun time at JEM playground

Monday, 4 November 2013

Gathering at Auntie Chiew Eng's Place

On Saturday, Auntie Chiew Eng invited us to her place for a small gathering, chit chat and to have the 3 gals (me, Asling and Avelyn) playing together.  And Auntie Chiew Eng surprised us by saying she was going to cook 三菜一汤 !!! THis is because everytime we went to Auntie Chiew Eng's place, we would always have steamboat (new year's gathering) since Auntie Chiew Eng does not really know how to cook well.

But amazingly, Auntie Chiew Eng managed to cook  三菜一汤.  Steamed fish .... tasted pretty good, although there was some hiccup in the process .... she forgot to slit the fish so that the fish can be cooked thoroughly.

Steam sotong .... fresh and tasteful.

Sitr fried vegetables .... and Daddy's favourite diced red chilli

And boiled soup to complete the meal !!!

So must take a photo of Mummy and Auntie Chiew Eng as proof to today's meal.  And send it to Uncle Peng Lam .... Haha

After dinner, it was play time !!! Building a farm with Avelyn with all the animals surrounding us.

And Asling showing us her violin playing skills ... she took up violin as a CCA in school.  Isn't that cool to offer violin playing as a CCA ?



Had so much fun that I kept delaying the time to go home ....

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Cycling at East Coast Park

Since Sat is Deepavali holiday, I decided to sleep over at 爷爷 and 奶奶 place because the following day, we plan to do some cycling at East Coast Park.

Guess I was either super excited about the cycling trip or I got used to waking up early, I actually woke up at 7 am.  So brushed my teeth and drank my milk, while waiting for Daddy and Mummy to join us for breakfast at West Coast market / hawker centre.

Getting ready to go for my cycling trip ...

Daddy and Mummy brought my bike along, while 爷爷, 奶奶, 姑姑 and Daddy rented bikes from the bicycle station. Since Mummy did not know how to cycle, and not feeling well, she took a rest at Burger King.

And I cycled for a good solid one hour with 爷爷, 奶奶, 姑姑 and Daddy following me on their bikes (爷爷 and  奶奶 took a double bike since 奶奶 did not know how to cycle as well).  But it was really fun since there was no space constraint, and I could cycle all the way
After one hour of cycling, I was really sweaty and red on the face ... so Mummy cleaned me up with wet wipes and took a rest at Burger King before we proceeded for lunch at nearby Waraku.  While waiting at Waraku for our turn, I played some games with 姑姑. 

After waiting for 10 mins, we asked the waiter when no less than 30 mins !!! So in the end, we decided to drive to the nearby Parkway Parade for lunch and some shopping.
But it was really a fun day cycling at East Coast Park .... much better than West Coast Park whereby Daddy had to really chase after me since he did not have a bike with him.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Bedtime Exercises

Bedtime exercises before I go to bed. 

Keeps me fit and healthy .... and maintain my model figure. Haha