Sunday, 1 December 2013

7th Birthday Celebration - Preparation

This year, Daddy and Mummy decided to celebrate my birthday really, really early since we would be too busy end of the year to hold the celebration.  So they booked the function room at our place to hold the celebration with my close friends - the usual gang from Pat's Schoolhouse.

On his last business trip, Daddy specially bought my birthday dress for the celebration.  Hooray.

And I was so excited about the party, that I woke up super early on the party day .... woke up at 630 am, and went into Daddy and Mummy's room when they were still sleeping !!! Gosh !!! Told them that I actually woke up at 2+ am (looked at my alarm clock beside my bed) and decided it was still dark so went back to sleep.  And then 630 am was the excitement alarm clock in me that woke me up. 

Daddy brought me to the library to borrow some nice DVDs so that I can watch them with my friends.

So looking forward to my party in the evening .....

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