Sunday, 1 December 2013

7th Birthday Celebration - Party Time

Went with Daddy to collect my birthday cake at JP before we went back to the function room to prepare for my birthday party.

And about 6 pm, all my friends came .... and time to start the party !!! Luckily, the weather was pretty good that evening, so all the kids stayed outside to enjoy the food.

The adults stayed inside the function room and enjoyed the air-con !!!

But very quickly after dinner, we expanded our territory to the small lounge area outside the function room ....

Nail art time for the little gals

Daddy and Mummy were worried that the kids would not be well entertained, so they borrowed quite some DVDs from the library just in case.  However, we had so much fun that we ran around, did nail art etc and did not have to watch DVDs until much later ....
Then it was time for birthday cake cutting ceremony

When it was time to distribute the birthday cake, there was a little issue. The cake has some icing sugar decorations and all the kids wanted one of those ... but there was not enough to distribute around, and so Ms Kristy limited one to each family of kids ....

Although it was a simple birthday party (more like a gathering), it was great for me ... to meet up with my close friends and have fun !!!

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