Sunday, 22 December 2013

Away From Singapore ...

On Sunday, we woke up super early at 330 am, because we had to reach the airport at 5 am, to catch the flight out to Houston at 7 am.  And this is because Daddy had to relocate to Houston for work, and Mummy and I followed along (that explained why we had to stay in the service apartment the last few days)

Although it was super early, I sprang out of bed immediately, brushed my teeth and prepared for the trip to the airport.  Terminal 3 was nicely decorated and I insisted on taking some photos before I leave Singapore.

Checked in our luggage (6 pieces altogther), before we proceeded to the airport lounge for our breakfast.

Took a shot at the OSIM massage chair to relax before I board the plane. Haha.  Chair was too big for me, but who cares.


And once on board the plane, I immediately glued myself to the TV screen and started watching cartoons !!!

We had to transit at Narita Airport.  But the plane was delayed by 2 hours before we can connect our flight to Houston. So by the time we reached Houston airport, there were also many other arriving flights, and we spent another 2 hours at the customs (USA cut down the resources at the customs so the queue was super long).  Total of 4 hours delay !!!  Fortunately, the driver who came to pick us up waited for us at the airport.

A new experience for me in Houston in the years to come .... so look out for my adventures in my new blog as I attend international school over there, and have fun along the way


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