Thursday, 19 December 2013

Meet up with Neighbours

Finally Auntie Lily and Uncle Micheal's house has been fully renovated after 5+ months !!! They had some problems with the contractor (the contractor took on too many projects so had some delays in the renovation progress).  But it was worth the wait, because the house looked really cosy and beautiful after the renovation

Especially, the little yard at the back of the kitchen where they converted to a nice cosy Japanese-style corner.  See Daddy and Uncle Micheal having their little chat there, with natural breeze coming in.

And Auntie Lily prepared Taiwanese food for us ... with a little bit of liquor to go along with the food. Daddy tried one sip, and switched to green tea after that ... had to give face to Uncle Micheal ... haha

And for me, I kept wanting to play with Happy, the cute cat.  Used to play with Happy when we were neighbours many years ago.  And Happy was also comfortable with me after a while.

Nice to still keep in close contact with my neighbours after so many years, especially in these days where people are always so busy with their own things.

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