Monday, 16 December 2013

Titans of the Past Exhibition

Daddy bought cheap tickets to the Titans of the Past Exhibition at the Science Centre.  So before school re-opens, we decided to go to the exhibition.

The first question was : Are there any dinosaurs alive today ??? And the answer is below ... amazing right ?

We looked at the exhibits and read the descriptive ... and really quite informative.  There are staff over there who also helped to explain the theories why dinosaur become extinct

Watched a video clip ....

And they turned red in the face when they are angry !!!!
Different sounds made by the baby, juvenile and adult dinosaurs



After which, I went to have some fun discovering dinosaur fossil


And came the Ice Age mammals !!!! All covered with thick coat of fur, except for the horse .... wonder how it survived the coldness .... thick layer of fat ???

Quite an interesting exhibition .... and I understood more about dinosaurs !!!

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